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  • Hand holding TSI wrench on tank valve.
    TSI wrench connect to turning component
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    Multi-Purpose Wrench for use on Gas Cylinders

    • Ratchet-style specialty wrench designed with safety in mind

    • Sparkfree and antibacterial features for expanded applications

    Only $150 (plus shipping) ea.

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Biotech and Pharma Industry

Deoxygenation of drug components and drug products

Cryogenics And Food Industry

Cryogenic liquid injection system for the beverage and drink industry

Environmental Industry

Solvent Recovery system to capture solvents used in a variety of industries such as medical, biotech, chemical etc.

High Temperature And Chemicals Industry

AFP (Air–Fuel-Pure) oxygen burner technology for metal industry

  • Seasoned team with exceptional Experience in the technology area of Industrial gases industry.
  • Over 30 years experience in industry by our team member(s)
  • Strong R &D experience with 20+ patents commercialized by the team member(s)
  • Global Experience in number of Industries
  • Strong Management experience.
  • We are a privately held, result-oriented, aggressive company with proven experience.
  • We focus on solving your operational issues while using state-of-the-art technologies as our tools.
  • We provide sustainable value by measuring our success as a combination of both client and employee satisfaction.
  • We recruit nationwide talent. We provide an environment that fosters creativity, empowerment, and open communication.

Attractive Woman using Multi-Purpose Sparkfree Antibacterial Wrench on tank's release valveAt TSI, we offer novel, patented products and solutions such as the Multi-Purpose sparkfree and antibacterial wrench (US Patent No. 6,450,069 B1) that has a wide range of applications in the industrial gases market for a variety of industries. This product permits user to easily open most of the high pressure gas cylinders of different sizzes, most of the liquid nitrogen, oxgyen, argon cylinders or dewars, home healthcare oxgyen cylinders type D, E, used in hopsitals Universities, R &D centers, welding gas cylinders type MC, B used in the car repair shops, welding shops.

This product has a wide range of applications in the Pharma and Biotech Industry, welding shops as the wrench is a versatile, safe, easy to store and cost effective for easy opening of gases and also in many cases liquid cylinders. Please contact us for its availability and shipment. Volume discounts are also available.

  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environmental Industry
  • Cryogenics and Food Industry
  • High Temperature and Chemical Industry
  • R & D services

Our team includes highly qualified individuals with unparalleled experience in the industry. We offer consultation, training, support, and train technical staff as well as your sales staff.

Our Business

Our expertise in technological solutions ranges from the biotech & Pharma industry to Chemical Industry to Cryogenics & Food to Environmental Industry. Our business is to explore the potential oportunities of optimizing your operation wthout any ties to purchase any product from us. Our services allow you to get the best solutions and freedom to choose supplier(s) for the best price for the products needed in the solutions.

Who We Are

Technology Services Inc. is a US-based operation with a team that includes highly qualified individuals with excellent industry track records, who are higly motivated to offer their talents to the industry. TSI is an alternative solution to investing in teams of engineers on internal payrolls. Our collective experience ranges across multiple industries including: biotech &  pharmaceuticals, chemicals, refineries, enviromental, 'high temperature' operations  & steel operation and many other major applications that use industrial gases.

Our Services

Technology Services, Inc. provides creative solutions to processes using novel approaches that offer cost effective soutions. Our highly experienced and talented staff offers solutions that not only enhace the quality of products but also improve the safety of the processes involved with production in many cases. Many times, our solutions involve the use of inexpensive gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and/or argon.

We also develop and offer hand tools and other equipment for safer and easier use on cylinders, dewars and more. e. g. multi purpose wrench. (Patent No. US 6,450,069 B1).

Our Capabilities

  • Technology Support for productivity improvements, Yield increases in Pharma/Biotech; in processes such as Fermentation, Lyophilization, Deoxygenation; Support in Global Pharmacopeias requirements.
  • Support in Environmental, Chemicals, High Temperature and Metal Industries in productivity gain, meet EPA regulations.
  • Creating Innovative solutions to optimize Operation
  • Premier Consulting
  • Add value to your products
  • Develop products and tools that are for the Industrial gases market. Multipurpose wrench is a great example for easy opening of compressed gases cyliders, medical gases and welding gases cyliders