TSI Patented Multi-Purpose Wrench for use on Gas Cylinders

(US Patent No. 6,450,069 B1)

A Unique Tool for Any Industry that uses Gas Cylinders - only $145 (plus $7.50 shipping) ea.

One end of the wrench features a ratchet disk with pins. By design, it will not damage cylinder stems because its unidirectional operation prevents any excessive torque when used for closing a cylinder. Simply recess the pins of the tool into the grooves of the cylinder valve stem wheel, and apply the necessary torque with ease!

The other end of the wrench has two unique crevices, designed specifically for home health care cylinders, Type E, with the other for welding cylinder Type MC. Simply insert the valve stem of either cylinder into the corresponding crevice and gently open the valve. To close valve, simply reverse the action. Note: The operator should take care to not use excessive pressure that could result in damage to the valve stem and inadvertant release of gaseous contents.

With its unique design, this device has the potential to produce high ROI across many industries. It's applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Almost any high pressure gas cylinders or dewars
  • Home healthcare oxygen cylinder - Type E
  • Welding gas cylinders - Type MC
  • Specialty/Medical/Industrial gas distribution centers
  • Antibacterial environments such as hospitals and medical centers
  • Pharma and Biotech manufacturing and R&D operations
  • Environments containing VOCs, H2, or O.